About the SWSW

Approximate Service Area

South West Solid Waste was formed in 1996. The "Charlotte Region Waste Watchers." preceded the SWSW. Headquartered at the Hemlock Knoll Sanitary Landfill. SWSW is responsible for the solid waste management in the South West region of New Brunswick.

South West Solid Waste having received approval to build the facility under the New Brunswick Environmental Impact Assessment process now operates the Hemlock Knoll facility under a Certificate of Approval issued by the New Brunswick Department of the Environment.

You will find information on our history at this web site.

The Hemlock Knoll facility has its own laboratory as well as a nature trail that is open for the public.

This web site has been built to help you understand some of the various aspects of our operation and to assist in your understanding of how and why an environmentally friendly landfill is required in todayís world. The challenges faced disposing Solid Waste are varied, but one of the greatest is getting information to the public in a manner which is accessible, informative, and educational. It is hoped that you agree that we have accomplished this with our web site!

There is a lot of information on this web site, and we encourage you to explore, learn, and ask questions. Our goal is a commitment to the proper management of solid waste . Start your exploration with the links, and when you need to see something "first hand" feel free to drop in and visit!

Discussed in detail, you will find several sections including: The Landfill describing how a modern landfill site fulfills this promise including descriptions of waste flow, ground water concerns, and construction.

Diagrams and/or pictures will aid in your understanding; upon detailed examination of this section you will be well versed in our methods and procedures for a safe environment!
- The
Compost section supplies information on composting, and a link to the online version of the composting handbook we distribute.
- in the
Three Rís section you will get some details on our recycling initiatives, general information on Recycling, Reduction, Reuse, and further links to other varied recycling minded sites.