Our Services - Waste Disposal

Cost For Disposal

As of January 2017 our rate for household waste will be  $87.00 /metric tonne household waste mixed with construction and demolition debris will be charged at the FULL RATE.

White Goods

Appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, and other appliances constructed primarily of steel can be disposed of for free. Disposal of refrigerators are free if delivered individually or try out free pick up service. Remember your refrigerator may contain CFC’s.

Construction and Demolition

Fridge with CFC removed

Our rate for construction and demolition debris is currently 35 /metric tonne. This includes:

  • concete and brick
  • grubbing material and brush
  • clean soil and rock
  • untreated wood
  • wood fibre base siding
  • non asbestos ceiling tile
  • insulation (no asbestos, foam, asphalt, foil, or paper backed)
  • asphalt shingles

Scrap Steel

Scrap steel can be disposed of for free. There is a separate storage of steel as it is recycled.

Scrap steel

    We can not accept

  • liquid waste greater than 20 liters
  • sludge having less that 15% solids
  • liquid oily waste
  • Commercial or Industrial hazardous wastes (We accept Household Hazardous Waste)
  • biomedical waste

Any questions you have, please contact us!