Recycling - Help us do our part

Animated recycle symbol

Recycling is a way you can assist in keeping our environment healthy over the long term. Recycling is the process where certain things are collected, processed, and eventually reused in a similar or different form.

Recycle bins at McAdam

While not everyone in the region toured the Hemlock Knoll Regional Sanitary Landfill, just about everybody has at least seen, if not used, the Commission's blue recycling bins. Located in municipalities and selected rural areas around the region, the bins are the most visible evidence of our commitment to waste reduction.

The program in the South West Region is voluntary meaning the onus is on the public to ensure its success. Bring your Fibre products (cardboard, newspapers, and office paper) and your  plastics (#1s and 2s) to your nearest depot. It will save valuable landfill space and reduce waste management costs for your community. But remember to check your list for acceptable materials.

Our recycling program deals with paper and selected plastics products, The commission is proud of our accomplishments in the time our program has been running - but we also encourage you to go the extra steps toward an even greater recycling capability!

Certainly everyone knows that pop bottles and cans have a recycle deposit on them. Make sure they are brought back for the deposit return is a good first step. Plastic grocery bags can be returned to many stores that use them, another useful step on the road to environmental friendliness.

The more you recycle and reuse, the better the long term outlook for our environment!

SWSWs sorting station installed 2009